Genus Area, computer vision

For about half the organisms I uploaded last night, the computer suggested the genus Area, the ark clams. (Most of my posts were dead seabirds.) I find it odd that the computer would suggest Area because iNaturalist lists no observations of this genus.

I have no question, really. Just pointing out what seems like anomaly to me. I find it odd that the iNaturalist computer would suggest a taxon that theoretically it couldn’t have learned.


It sounds like the error may be from the uploader extracting from the file name rather than a computer vision problem. Have you looked at this thread?


I think you’ve figured it out! The labels started with “Dead bird 1, D River Rec Area, Lincoln City OR.” So what could they possibly be but genus Area? From the computer’s point of view, anyway. Thanks!


The automated search for an organism name in the photo file name probably also explains the topic on genus Aa. I would suspect this must be happening to quite a few users and leaves them baffled. Forum users will eventually catch on to this behavior. For species one knows, perhaps one could forestall this behavior by leading the photo file name with the genus and species name.

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