Genus is invasive... but Species under it aren't?

Hey there, I’m admittedly an amateur Naturalist, but I’ve noticed an issue I was unsure was being covered in any other forum post. I’ve found a specific example of a Genus (Arion Slugs) being marked as invasive to a particular region (United States), but all the species underneath it aren’t per se (example: Arion hortensis). Is there a reason for this; am I missing something? Maybe the issue is that the Invasive flag has to be put in manually and simply no one has gotten to it yet? If so, maybe there should be a system for addressing this.

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Maybe a bug?

Just a slight correction: iNaturalist does not use the term “invasive” for Establishment Means as “invasive” is somewhat of a judgement call, based on the species’ effect on local ecosystems. On iNat the term is “introduced” and is defined as “arrived in the region via anthropogenic means”.


Just double-checked - this is working as expected. You’ll have to edit the establishment means of the species in the place’s checklist.


Yes, I have marked the genus and all subgenera as introduced. Most species can’t be IDed without dissection so I didn’t check those yet.


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