Geoprivacy in Concordance with eBird's Sensitive Species

There is a huge backload of flagged taxa, all asking if a bird species can be globally obscured or remove global obscurity, all in concordance to the eBird’s “Sensitive Species”. The purpose of this list on this external source is protect the particularly sensitive species from poaching, illegal pet trading, nest disturbance and bad ethic birding. Examples of this include Great Gray Owls, Gyrfalcons and nearly all of South American parrots.

To elaborate more, iNat does not globally obscure Great Gray Owl postings, so a poster can submit the exact GPS location and subject the bird to illegal baiting for photographs or disturbance. On the other hand, the Virginia Rail are globally obscured on iNat but is not a Sensitive Species.

Should we partner up with ebird and follow suit on their list? The big pro in my opinion is that many birders use both iNat and eBird. Though a potential harmer of the bird may not get the precise information on a sighting on eBird, he could just go to iNat and get the location.


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