Geranium potentillaefolium misidentifications

I hope that this is the correct place to bring this up… My apologies if it is not.
If anyone is interested in correcting a common misidentification (presumably coming from accepting an erroneous ID suggested by the photo recognition app based on superficial similarity), please take a look at “Geranium potentillaefolium” in the United States and Canada. A great number of these so far appear to actually be Geranium sanguineum or various European Geranium species or hybrids, generally in cultivation. Thanks.

I think a flag on the taxon might be a better place than individual forum topics to rally help for specific reidentification situations. Or a journal post. You can @ tag knowledgable people on the flag, e.g. top identifiers of G. sanguineum. I started one here:

I’m not sure it has enough misidentifications to “qualify”, but we’ve collated a bunch of computer vision errata and links to flags for discussion for many of them here:


I do not know if I will be able to distinguish O. potentillifolium (the apparent correct spelling) and G. sanguineum but, just for knowledge, could you provide a way to distinguish them (e.g. papers, keys, photos, etc…)?

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I’m going to close this topic so we can focus the discussion in a single place, on the flag.