Get photo by INaturalist users with API

I want to automatically retrieve photos that I have posted on Inaturalist. Is it possible with the Inaturalist API to make requests to have my photos by species and only my photos. So run sort by observer and species via the API and get links to my photos.

Ty to you :)

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You can use API via this Notebook which is setup to give you the photo URLs, and sort by observer and taxon.

See also @jcook’s original explanation here on how to use with PyNaturalist as I have.


the short answer is yes, it is possible.

how to do it depends on what skills and tools you have. if you’re going to hit the API directly, you would make a GET request to, whose response includes URLs for “square” versions of photos. how you actually download photos, again, depends on your tools and skills. to get different versions of the photos, you would replace “square” with the other version you’re interested in:

see!/Observations/get_observations for available API parameters.


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