Giant Bats Sighting - Siargao PH


I was wondering if anyone would know if there is/are population of giant bats in Siargao, Philippines ?

At 2 occasion, I saw giant bats flying close to populated area around the evening but since I’m not a wildlife expert I wanted to confirm my sightings.

After being unable to find any info on this website and nothing on the web I turn to this forum for help

PS: It’s my first post here so I hope it’s in the right place.

Thank you in advance

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Welcome Paul and you are definitely posting this in the right place.

I don’t know if you tried this too, but I did a quick search on the website creating a manual, somewhat sloppy border of Siargao and filtering for bats. It returns two species. I have no idea if these are what you are looking for.

I bet others will come and help out more, and in a better way. Stay tuned!

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It sounds like you’re describing a Pteropus or Acerodon, two genera of fruit bats. Don’t know what species might be on that island or if there are iNat records from there, but I’d start by researching those two genera on iNat.


Thank you for your answer. Indeed I didn’t see that part of the site. The pteropus really seems to be the one I saw. It’s very impressive in the wild. Next time I’ll take some pics!

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