Glossary (iNatForum)


Having encountered terms or acronyms that I am not familiar with, it oocurs to me that others might also. Here is a start at listing them, feel free to add those that are missing, or that you have just encountered, or even to correct those that are wrong! Insert them in alphabetical order.

Birding = looking for birds
Botanizing = looking for plants
CID = Community Identification (the >2/3rd majority taxa in common with all IDs made)
DQA = Data Quality Assessment (found at bottom of an Obs page)
Herping = looking for amphibians and reptiles. ie ‘herpetology’
ID = Identify (verb), Identification (noun)
iNat = iNaturalist in all it’s glorious forms!
Obs = Observation
RG = Research Grade
Sally Searching = looking for salamanders
YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary (meaning ‘it could be different for you’)

Herping Etiquette and Opinions

In another thread, @kueda wrote this:

So while this effort here isn’t wrong per se, it may not be such a good idea either.

Some of the terms on your list are specific to iNaturalist, others are general internet slang. The former may change over time (I hope “RG” does), and there is a redundancy of lists for the latter a google search away.


CID: Community ID
TTID: Time To ID
TTCID Time To Community ID


I think as long as it is documenting terms already widely in use here, and not used as a place to invent new terms, it is serving a helpful purpose.


yeah, I’m against them too, but when someone throws one at you, it’s good to have a place to find what they mean! I consciously try to not assume people know even basic acronymns etc, except here I think RG, ID, Obs and DQA are core terms that will likely crop up regardless of how much we try to decry it, so I use those.

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the first one definitely! Can’t believe I missed it myself. The last two are defined on that page, and I don’t see them being used outside of that page. I’ll put the CID in, but you should be able to edit this and add your own whenever you encounter them. As a rule of thumb, if you have to look up what something means, then it should go in here!


Possibly related: I just today heard the term “sally searching”, which specifically means “looking for salamanders”.

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