GPS in photo metadata for obscured and private observations

Continuing the discussion from Dinosaur Footprints / Fossils:

Metadata is stripped from photos on upload to iNat and the coordinates are hidden from other users on the photo info page if the geoprivacy is set to obscured or private.

yes. the manual stripping of photo metadata is necessary if you’re obscuring yourself by manually moving the location of the observation. as mentioned in the previous post, it’s more cumbersome, but it may be better to do it this way in certain situations.

It should still be stripping the metadata. Even for open location observations. If it isn’t it’s a bug I think.

yes, as far as i’m aware, if you download a picture from iNaturalist, that file won’t contain any of the metadata, but the system keeps a record of what the metadata was on upload and displays it when you open the photo detail page in the system. for open observations, i’m neutral as to whether or not the system should keep and display the photo-level coordinates, but it probably isn’t necessary, since the observation-level coordinates should take priority.

If you’re referring to pages like, we only show the coordinates there to people who have permission to view them, e.g. at that URL, I can see the coordinates because it’s my photo, but @pisum should not.


yes. i don’t think anyone’s questioning the way information is hidden in obscured observations.

i think the three posts prior to yours (and the one the original post is referring to) are talking more about showing this information on observations where geoprivacy is set to open.

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