Gray-out "date/location is accurate" where obs has no date or location

A minor, but hopefully easy-to-implement, UI request: Where an observation lacks a date, don’t allow the data quality assessment for “date is accurate” to be edited. Similarly, if the location is missing, don’t allow the “location is accurate” thumbs-up/down to be selected.

The logic here is that an observation with a missing date or location is already prevented from research grade until the observer fixes that. Presenting other iNat users with the option to assess the accuracy of a non-existent date or location is nonsensical. More importantly, if the observer then corrects the missing data, assessments made by other users may persist (and won’t actually represent an assessment of the date/location now displayed).

Ideally, the “date is accurate” selector would appear directly below “date specified” in the data quality assessment and only be enabled when “date specified” is true. Same for the two location fields.

Here’s an example of an observation with a missing location that still allows “location is accurate” to be set.