Great Horned Owl Mating Behavior

Hi all, I am in Pinellas County, Florida. On a survey of a recent site that is up in the air as to conservation versus development, I spotted what I thought were two Great Horned Owls. I will put a photo below. they were calling back and forth and then met each other on a dead tree. So, I am wondering whether this was a male and a female or whether male Great Horned Owls are tolerant of each other or preparing to fight?


They sometimes make duets, you can see (and hear) a lot of examples in Xeno-canto:


What a great observation! Very admirable… I hear owls at night frequently around my neighborhood, but only rarely manage to see one and I’ve not been able to photo one at all.

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That was an interesting set of recordings for multiple owls. I am trying to compare the sounds to what we sometimes hear at night. Thank you for this resource !

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