Guide links not working on


“Curator Guide” link not working:


Bioblitz Guide link not working on
Teacher's Guide link not working on

“Bioblitz Guide” link not working:



It has been quite a while since anything worked for me on I just use instead.

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“Teacher’s Guide” link not working:



Hi, I combined these into the same topic since they’re related issues.

Looks like the More>Help link in the header links to, which redirects to a very outdated FAQ page at:

Perhaps the header link for Help should go to, or the admins should update their FAQ page to repair the links? Looks like the Feedback link in the footer is still directing to the Google Group, too.

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Thanks @bouteloua. I tried doing one post for all but this is my first go at the new forum. I had to make a new account (i.e., re-register) despite having open browser windows where I was logged in to both the .ca and .org sites. As a “new” user to the new forum, I was not permitted to include more than one link per post and had to wait 60 seconds between each posting. I can’t create any more new posts for 24 hrs. Anti-spam measures, no doubt, but it led to you having to clean things up. Updating links is a simple fix, so hopefully someone gets on it. I also recognize that they’re trying to serve up English and French, which doubtless complicates things.



The old URLs were a bit crazy and were causing some problems so we changed them. Will update iNat CA’s links now.

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OK, I think these should be fixed now. Let me know if any are still not working.

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All working for me:

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