Gulls staying in their winter range during the summer months (June-August)

When going to the beaches during the summer I am finding some ring-billed gulls among the numerous laughing and herring gulls. It makes me confused because where I live and the beaches that I go to are in the winter (blue) range of ring-billed gulls. The same can be said for bird such as snow geese which can be seen in their winter range in the middle of June, or a slate-colored junco which stopped by my bird feeders briefly in the middle of July. Is their something causing these birds not to move north? Do they skip breeding season or are they starting to breed in their winter ranges among summer visitors and year round species?

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is there an unusual weather pattern going on? many seasonal ranges are seeing dramatic shifts these days.

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I don’t think it’s the weather. I’ve started to notice it going on ever since I got into birding like 6 years ago.

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