Handbook for community (citizen) scientists

I just got an announcement about this book. I have not seen it but it might be of interest to many on here.


Very cool!

Back in 2014 a few of us put together a very simplified Citizen Science guide called A Citizen Science Manifesto, but it was in no way as detailed and comprehensive as this, being more of an over-arching set of guidelines rather than a how-to.


On Amazon there are a number of citizen science books in addition to this one. I haven’t read any of them yet and I don’t want to buy them all. Does anyone have a recommendation for a book they have read?

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Ive really enjoyed the Scistarter work & this guide: The Field Guide to Citizen Science
By Darlene Cavalier

Also +1 recommendation for https://www.indiebound.org/ & supporting local bookstores

Citizen Scientist by Mary Ellen Hannibal specifically talks about iNaturalist.

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