Hard to Love Species

Homo sapiens can be right up there… sometimes I swear they are making life difficult just for the kicks…

[edit] and here is a classic example… https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/project-observation-page-doesnt-show-all-observations-in-grid-view/4940


Poa pratensis. I hate it, and everything like it, with a fiery passion. Lawn grasses are truly evil. They are the only organisms I actively hate. At least if I caught the plague I could have fun some uploading the first observation of Yersinia pestis on iNat before I die. There are absolutely no upsides for lawns.


Earwigs. *shudder*


I must be too tired, having scanned down this I first read it as making life difficult for the ticks.


Red-winged Blackbird.

I’m indecisive…
I’m exactly where @jbroadhead is re: spiders and salticids (secretly wonder if my affection for salt is some sub-conscious motivator here? :wink: though they are just pretty cute for something terrifying) but I’m hoping to eventually be where @tigerbb is!

By the way, if anyone is curious, it takes ticks at least a few minutes to transmit anything (at least what we’re working with in the northeast U.S.) and most things it’s more like many hours while they get their mouth parts attached and in you so while it’s creepy to hold them for a photo we’re not in any danger unless we lose track of them and they hide on us and bite

That being said, I’m with @tiwane and everyone else on ticks, especially deer/ black-legged.
FYI more tick-related conversations:

This is my biggest ‘nope’ aside from wolf spiders and their other freaky friends:
so much so that I just had to hold my hand in front of the screen while copying the link because the image was making me convulse. I see some beauty in them but, n.o.p.e at the present.

I have a tough time with hornets and yellowjackets and their aggressiveness but I am fascinated bypolistes

Not a fan of invasive plants or animals either. Feral cats, house sparrows, starlings etc. but it isn’t like the myriapod who shall not be named from the last paragraph.


Tabanus sp. are uniquely obnoxious with their behavior of loud circling and dive-bombing around and at your head. They, Apis mellifera and mosquitoes are the ones that I have had to run away from.

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Nothing that I would call a phobia, but cockroaches are definitely on my list of things I find very hard to like. If it is outside my house I usually feel ok with its existence, but the second something like a cockroach enters my house it’s game over.


For me, it is more about time and place. I fear the ones I don’t see. Fresh mountain lion poop on the trail I am walking gives me the willies. I like rattle snakes in the middle of the trail where I can see them but not the ones in the grass. I like mosquitoes and gnats on a sheet while blacklighting where I can photograph them, but not in places where I am walking. The first Yellow-rumped Warble of fall is exciting. A month later, they are damned annoying and I wish they would shut up.


But this is why I don’t dislike poison ivy, I also love the constant chatter of yellow-rumps eating PI berries :)


Ohhh monkeys. YES. I do not like them as well. I should have added that to my list.

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When it comes to nature, I’m not usually a squeamish person, but I can’t bring myself to squish a cockroach. Too much goo and the crunch. Ugh.


White-footed Mice.

…five winters ago, my sister and I found three trapped at the bottom of a waste-bin in our basement. We felt sympathetic: they probably just wanted to escape the cold. So we setup a makeshift tank with bedding and water. We intended to release them when the snow stopped.

When I went downstairs to checkup on them the next day, I found two of the mice on the farthest corners of the tank, covered in blood. What was left of the third mouse lied in the center of the tank… a bloody, disembowled husk with a missing head.

The imagery was extremely traumatic and I cannot look at them the same way.


Mosquitos! They always land on the outside of my forearm


Yes! They always get me in the damn elbows. I’ve started wearing bug spray just there.

:o thats a traumatic temporary pet

My husband trapped a couple of deer mice (or whitefooted mice, who knows) and set them up in a nice little condo in a Rubbermaid tub (some food, a couple of places to hide, some bedding). He said he wanted to let me see them when I got home a couple of days later. They didn’t much like being captives and chewed their way right out of the box between 24 and 48 hours. I don’t think we caught them again…


For some reason I just can’t get myself to like Harvestmen. I know they are totally harmless but they just give me the creeps.


Black flies and mosquitos. I can tolerate deer flies in the summer & they are pretty close up.

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Daddy long legs. I generally love spiders, and I know these are harmless, but they honestly just gross me out. In the same way that most people feel about roaches.

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Botflies. Watching those larva videos on YouTube…no thank you. Just throw me in a fire if a botfly larva is discovered on my body.