Have 50 verifiable obs. but no Traditional Project Link

Hello, I am trying to start a traditional project and I understand that I need 50 verifiable observations in order to “unlock” the feature. I made sure that all of my observations have the location, date/time, and photo/sound and is not of captive species. I still am not seeing the link on the new project page and when I try to use links provided on other forum topics, it isn’t accessible to me. I understand that “verifiable” is different than “research grade” and that I technically don’t need them to be actually verified, only that they are capable of being verified. Is this correct? Do I need to go collect a bunch more verified samples to trigger the link working? I’m just not sure what I am doing wrong and would like to get the project started asap.

It looks like you have 51 which should be enough:
It may take a little while for the system to recognize this, so you might want to wait until tomorrow.

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