Have you been skunked?

If so, I’d be interested to hear about it.

No. The closest I came was when I was collecting moths from a pheromone ‘trap line’. Walking along the ditch between traps, I looked up, saw a skunk which raised its tail, and I got out of there fast!


I was almost sprayed by a Hooded Skunk at Madera Canyon in Arizona while looking for bats. Luckily I was able to narrowly avoid it.


Never seen a hooded skunk, but I hope to one day.


I’ve never been sprayed, but one time I put a live trap in my yard trying to deal with the feral cat population, and one day I was getting ready to leave for work and it was still dark out so I went to check the trap. The trap door was closed and I thought “got one!” until I put my flashlight on a white stripe, flashlight off. So then I had to very carefully and very gently and saying relaxing things (partially for my sake) try to open the trap without a problem. Thankfully he didn’t spray but I didn’t remember the latch as being so loud when I set the trap earlier.


I haven’t but my friend’s dogs have been sprayed multiple times (they’re cute but not the brightest.) She says the best way to remove the spray is a mix of 1 quart 3% peroxide and 1 teaspoon of concentrated dish soap like Dawn.


Never been sprayed, but had a few close calls. Last summer, I was sitting on the back patio reading, with my back to the yard (for the light). I saw some motion out of the corner of my eye, and realized a skunk had just walked under my chair! At the same moment, I heard a lot of squeaking from the slope behind me. Trying not to disturb the skunk, I carefully turned my upper body around and saw five baby skunks, calling for their mother. She returned to them, and they mobbed her like they wanted to nurse, but she shrugged them off, and trundled off along the retaining wall, kits in tow. I was able to get a few pictures on my cell phone before I started breathing again!

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