Help creating place: Whitfield Wildlife Conservation Area

This is too technical for me, and I can’t get through it. I’m asking whether someone can find or create the .kml file for Whitfield Wildlife Conservation Area in Valencia county NM:

Does that header map at the web site represent the fulll place?

(I moved your post because the other topic was about how to download boundaries from iNat, and you’re asking about uploading boundaries.)

I took the boundary for Whitfield Wildlife Conservation Area from OpenStreetMap via the QGIS plugin QuickOSM.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<kml xmlns="">
<Document id="root_doc">
	<name>Whitfield Wildlife Conservation Area</name>
      <MultiGeometry><Polygon><outerBoundaryIs><LinearRing><coordinates>-106.7405635,34.6699095 -106.73561,34.6698053 -106.7359661,34.6665644 -106.7366308,34.666662 -106.7368286,34.6661739 -106.7373113,34.6651912 -106.7414101,34.6665644 -106.7405635,34.6699095</coordinates></LinearRing></outerBoundaryIs></Polygon></MultiGeometry>

Just paste that into a plain text file and name it with a .kml extension. You can then upload it to

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the OSM place seems to be only the original unit in the complex as it exists today. if you need the boundaries for the entire complex, i would ask the Valencia Soil & Water Conservation District staff to see if they can provide you those boundaries in a KML or other GIS format. the next best option to get accurate boundaries would be to manually trace out boundaries based on the map image from the Conservation District website.

By jove, that process worked just fine. I appreciate your help very much. To avoid confusion about the multiple units, as pisum suggested, I designated the new place as the original unit of Whitfield in the place name.
Much gratitude.

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