Help me buy clip-on lenses

(:argentina:) I only take photos for iNaturalist with my Samsung Galaxy A01 (not one of the newest) and binoculars. But I also like macro photography and i was thinking that i could buy some clip-on lenses. I’m specially interested in the telephoto and macro lenses.
Are they worth buying considering my smartphone, which doesn’t have great image quality very close or very far away?
The closest i can get to an animal is this (not cropped).
And furthest i can zoom in without distortion is this (no binoculars used and not cropped)

I’d be pleased if you could give me some advice.

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I have used many clip on macro lenses! The only reason for using many is because I LOSE them!!!
And because of this I tend to use very moderately priced ones.
In fact, Mother Nature just returned one I lost a couple of years ago. It was in the backyard garden, with rootlets growing through its bag.
I recommend choosing something you can afford to lose… and then it’s practice, practice, practice!

I have tried “clip on telephoto lenses” for my iPhone and do not like them at all! They are bulky, heavy (even with 100%plastic lenses) and the ones I tried weren’t easy to use at all.

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I have been told that the camera should not be further than 2,2cm from the edge of the phone so that it works. And is it true that they are universal lenses?

I think that if i buy these lenses they’ll be fine with my phone. See the photo. The camera is not 2,2cm from the edge, is it?

# Macro Lenses for Smartphone Cameras

You cannot macro lenses for animals, they will flee. You can try almost any clipon-lens. As far as I understood they are universal and can be used on any phone. Maybe you can look around and find a shop where you can try them before you buy it. Or try a cheap ones, around a few dollar, first before you buy an expensive one.

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Well, you see that I was gonna buy these lenses, so i contacted the seller, but told me that they’re not compatible with my phone (Samsung Galaxy A01), but as far as i know they work perfectly with any phone that has the camera not further than 2,2cm from the edge. I don’t know what to do now.
These are probably the cheapest lenses in my country.

I shopped mine on Amazon and looked for my current phone to be listed. That made fit easy.
I also read the critical reviews, because some aren’t worth even a cheap price.

Ask why she thinks it should not work… I expect it would work, but more expensive lenses give better results.

Do not think life is easy, read part 1 and 2 cause they are true!

I perfectly know that!

The cheapest lenses on the market are just $5.55 but are made out of plastic.
The ones I’m probably going to buy are $98.45, which is not a bad price for Argentina comparing it with the economics…

Perhaps my phone isn’t on the list cause it’s not new. As I could appreciate, only the newest smartphones appear.

I’ve seen some absolutely amazing macro smartphone shots that were taken using home-made clip-ons that used a lens salvaged from an old instamatic 35mm film camera found in a thrift store bin.

It can be done! It’s all in creating a workable adapter that fits and sticks well.


Good thinking, putting your flag first.

I’ve photographed many small animals with a clip-on lens. Yes, they often flee, but in the right conditions you can photograph them. Just takes some patience and realizing that it’s not 100% successful.


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