Help! Too Many Cacti!

This is madness :scream: :smiley: Over 600 new observations of Cactaceae from around La Paz city, Bolivia this week and there are less than 10 species in the region. It seems that everybody is out with a camera and nearly every individual plant has been posted several times! I can’t keep up with the IDs!


You don’t have to identify any observations you don’t want to. Feel free to take a break or just not identify observations from that area. Also, the identification period of City Nature Challenge doesn’t really start until Tuesday. The organizers of the La Paz CNC should have tried to recruit identifiers who might not start until then.


I’ll take the “mostly-humor” tag as an indication that the poster isn’t seriously traumatized by the situation. Unfortunately, I can’t help much myself - I know some (not all) of the cacti from my own region (southwest United States) but La Paz would be a bit of a stretch.


Ive recently notived an incredible amount of Crassulaceae species from that city aswell. What is going on there? Almost all of them are from new users, using mostly wrong CV IDs and never respond to corrections so the ID gets stuck. Also always refusing to mark as cultivated. Its really annoying and at an incredible scale.

Be aware that big part of those observations are cultivated, though, if they’re wild and there’re only a few species, it’s a certain plus to easy ids!
@jf920 there’re also users marking cultivated things, but not adding any ids!.)

I value your skilled IDs.
Maybe, for you it would be good to let the tsunami of City Challenge obs pass.

And then return to IDing after things have settled again. I was swamped in lavender yesterday. Clearing the routine stuff, so skilled identifiers can focus on the interesting ones.


in comics/meme format (with special guest Mr. Very Blurred Cacti)


Mr Very Blurred cactus :joy::joy::joy:


Is it helpful to you if I sort out the opuntia (only to genus)? That is the extent of my cacti-identifying abilities. I sometimes go through the cacti observations and do that, but I have no idea how helpful it is.
Although, first I’m going to get my closest city (Wellington, New Zealand), to the top of the CNC leaderboard :laughing:


I feel the same way with phragmites. I’m used to maybe 10-15 new observations a day and today there were 5 pages! It can be overwhelming but I’m just happy that people are out and using the site.


I’m not overwhelmed by the CNC observations yet, but that’s because I’m still uploading my own observations! Tuesday is soon enough to be overwhelmed. And I agree with you that it is really great that so many people are out looking at everything and using iNat.


Looking at the observations in the area there are a ton of “unknown” observations, some of which have a very basic (and often incorrect) ID in the comment rather than in the ID slot.

When you look at the user’s profiles they’re brand new users who appear to be using the app mainly as a camera type app and don’t know how to use it properly yet (other than to take photos of living things).

I suspect that whoever organized this didn’t do a good enough job of instructing new participants on how to use iNat.


Still laughing … :rofl: :joy:

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Do we know who the organizers are?

Each regional project has its own organisers. You can follow each link from the map

@earthknight organisers offer various courses - but you cannot force onboarding.

I have four and half thousand unknowns waiting for me on the Cape Peninsula.
‘I may be some time’.


Remember that last week was peak time for observations with all the bio-blitzes etc. going on. There is always a spike in data… it will get better. On Friday I would try to advance through Pennsylvania plant observations, but actually found myself going backwards with all the ones being added.


Midnight today ends the City Nature Challenge. Then a grace period to upload photos … and by the next CNC we may, have caught up with IDs :rofl:


Please don’t drive yourself to have the same end result as Oates (who was also some time)!

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Going to Kirstenbosch today.

No photos. Just my sister and I walking among fynbos :heart_eyes:

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No photos?? You can walk in the natural world and not feel compelled to take photos for iNat? My hat’s off to you - I don’t have that kind of self-control.