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I need to filter all of my observations in the state of West Virginia that don’t include the tag “Yard Survey (WV)” (or just “survey” since I don’t use that word in any other tags).
I know how to include a tag but not how to EXCLUDE one.
Please also add how to exclude more than one tag, for example “survey” AND “Jackson’s”.
I’ve read the filtering how-to page but don’t see the applicable filter.

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Maybe you can try something with ?

Hi! I tried messing with the URL to get this to work, but don’t know how to exclude tags. However, I noticed that the “Yard Survey (WV)” tag seemed to be related to the “My Yard Survey” project. There is a way to exclude projects.

This is the URL I used:

The “&not_in_project=my-yard-survey” line at the end of the URL does the trick and seems to exclude what you wanted, just not quite in the same way. Adding another “&not_in_project=” for another project would exclude observations from a 2nd project as well; you just add more &'s for more things to exclude or include.

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Thank you, this was very helpful.
When checking for any observations I’ve failed to add to my project “My Yard Survey” it would still help to be able to eliminate observations tagged near my yard but not in it. So maybe someone else can help us with not-tagged-such-n-such.
You’ve been so kind.

Please, I followed the link, but I don’t understand what it is? Can you explain?

It’s another way to perform searches in iNaturalist. All explanations are in the link.

Thank you.
I find that “explanations” written by programmers are above my IQ, which is more than sufficient for other types of communication. Sorry, like another language!

You can try these (same thing, but perhaps easier to understand):

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