Hemiepyphytes as house plants

Hello, recently I was reading about hemiepyphytes and since I m crazy about philodendrons & monsteras I ve been thinking whats the best way to achieve their mature form in our home conditions. At first I thought that moss poles would work but - since those plants climb on trees without many nutritiens on the cork - it doesnt make much sense. Also - I ve read that plants get all of their nurtitients from the soil, not the bark that they climb. What do you guys think? Second thing that seems very confusing to me is the light- when growing on the trunk, most of it is blocked by the branches above. Why are we all advised to keep the plants next to a sunny windows - its not natural for small plants to get that amount of light, and lastly, if the amound of sun helps that much, why am I not seeing mature Monstera standleyana in home enviroment (just for example) - we mimic their enivroment in terms of light, whats the reason not to mature? I would love to hear a discussion and ideas, maybe we can form a new plant keeping trend! :)

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