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I love using iNat to “explore” areas that still don’t have any/many observations. It’s particularly satisfying to load up one of these areas with a nice trail of green, blue, red, purple etc. pins (has anybody heard of Splatoon or Jet Set Radio >.<) Okay, but seriously, it’s all in the name of science! I think it would be great if there were an option in the search filter to hide the obscured locations which make it harder to notice the areas that still need some love.

Does this already exist? Has anybody else asked about it? I searched the forum and couldn’t find anything.




there are options to hide obscured observations on some filters, but not throughout the site. For instance, the range maps - i would like to be able to toggle obscured observations’off’ because they make it hard to see fine scale habitat and range details. Yes, for some globally rare species they would all be obscured, so the default should be to show them, but turning them off would be nice.

private observations do not show up on maps.



This is a duplicate feature request, so I’m going to close this. See https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/toggle-obscured-observations-on-off-on-maps/420

They’re adding a new filter to the user interface, but for now you can add these qualifiers to the URL to hide obscured observations: &taxon_geoprivacy=open&geoprivacy=open e.g.:

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