Homebrew tech: what stuff are you, or would like to, goofing around with in camera tech?

Hah! Good point. Thanks.

And yes — I’ve always wanted to try a mirror lens! Please let us know more about that experience.

This one is a bit fun, but it’s too much of a flakey-feature at this stage.

The newer higher-end Samsung phones (with depth sensing hardware) have added something to their camera options. It’s actually a separate app that’s kind of buried in the camera app and not very easy to initiate. Plus, It’s bug-whacky and such a battery drain that you will get a “phone too hot” message if you work it too long.

That said, I would LOVE to see them smooth this out and integrate it into the main camera controls. And for us, this is one gimmicky feature that I could actually see as being useful.

The AR Tape measure is pretty limited, but not that bad on accuracy. (Within 3mm on these tests). And you can add multiple measurements easily as you shoot.

Not much control over the overlays but as you move and reframe the shot they reorientate and resize too. It also comes with a height measurer which would be great for large botanical shots (and giraffes?).

Anyhow, I thought this might fit the theme of this thread too.

BTW, no lepidoptera were harmed for the production of this little test. These mounted specimens were rescued by me out of a local thrift store. I figure what was done is done and I might as well put their beauty to some good use.

My old iPad has similar feature, might be that iPhones have it too?

My guess is that anything with one of those ‘TOF’ sensors (Time of Flight, used to measure distances) might have this.

Did you find the iPhone one useful at all?

I never had an iPhone, so not sure if it’s presented there, but on iPad it’s not very useful unless you’re doing something at home, and then if you do it you’re more than likely have a normal ruler to use.

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