How are featured projects chosen?

Hi all! :) I popped on here for a little bit while I was waiting for my cake to finish baking and I noticed something that had me absolutely elated: one of the projects in the featured section today was mine! This has me curious: are there any criteria to getting a project featured? Are they chosen randomly? How does it work?

Regardless I am thrilled, and my Christmas is even more merry now! Thank you to whoever made that happen!

I have seen your project featured several different times. Maybe they select based on cuteness points? :)


That is a cute project! I joined :)
Browsing through the observations, I noticed some non-arthropods (e.g., a snail) in there.

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It’s generally me who picks it for the main site (network sites choose projects to be featured on the own sites). I try to pick projects that have broad geographic or taxonomic rules since it’s for the global site. I don’t change them as much as I should. If anyone has suggestions please message me on iNat.


Oh, I appreciate it! Thank you! :)

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Those can be some of the most interesting or thought-provoking projects, because it often means that they are topical rather than location- or taxon-based. Two that I have been involved with include “Peculiar Petal Counts,” which is for flowers that show an atypical number of petals for their species, for example, a species characterized by five petals, but one observed an aberrant six-petaled flower of that species; and “Beach Finds and Washashore,” which is for anything and everything found washed up on beaches – even terrestrial taxa which had been washed out to sea.


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