How are mammal taxonomy names obtained on iNat?

I’d like to know how iNat obtains the names of species for mammals? There seems to be a lack of some valid names based on recent literature and I would like to correct it.


Mammal names have come from either IUCN or Mammal Diversity Database. We are due to update mammals after we finish the large bird update.


Can you clarify if you mean the latin scientific names or the common names, or both? A specific example or two would also help explain the question.

Anyway, if you think any specific names are invalid please go to the taxon pages for each species and use the flag for curation button on the right to propose taxon changes. Provide explanation and cite a source, and then curators will either make the change or discuss.

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Welcome to the iNat Forum! If you haven’t seen it yet, you can read more about how taxonomy and name curation works on iNaturalist here:


So for the genus Naemorhedus gorals there are a few species that are not included in the database. How can I flag it or bring it to the attention of taxon curators? I’ve done some research on the group and would like to contribute what we know about them

You type them in and click on search in extrenal providers. But all four Naemorhedus are on iNat, others are synonyms.

thanks @marina_gorbunova so there isn’t details on which names are synonymous with the four species. and some species are not on the list of external providers. any ideas how I could do this?

You can look up on species pages, choose taxonomy tab and there’ll be a list of names. Or check GBIF.

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