How Do I Add New Observations with Different Dates but the Same Location?

When I get an uncertain ID on INat, I sometimes go back and try to get a better picture so I can make the ID (or even key it out). Can I add that picture to the old observation even though it has a different date? It is the same location, and may even be the exact same plant. I just confirmed Penstemon virgatus myself but don’t really want to make a new observation in the same spot.

The guideline on iNat is that each observation represents an interaction on one day at one location. You can post the new picture and include a link in the comments to the old one.


OK. I can do that. Thanks.

You can also group two or more related observations together as described by @pfau_tarleton in this journal entry and note the relationship explicitly like this observation.

Thanks. This is a big help. I am also entering phenology observations on Budburst but for specific projects. I think it is good to know what the plant looks like in fruit as well as flower, especially where the ID depends on having fruit (seed) present.

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