How do I create a Wiki?

I have a post in this section that I would like to make into a larger visual guide to Noctuid Moths. I now have four, and plan to add more, but I’m not sure if I can add them to this post (, or whether I should make a Wiki. I can’t find if I’m at “trust level 2”.
Advice would be helpful!!

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To check your account level, head to your account page, click Expand in the top right corner, and it’ll show up near the top center:


The main levels are:
0 - new
1 - basic
2 - member
3 - regular

Once you’re level 2 (member) you can turn your posts into wiki posts, which means any other user at trust level 1 or greater can edit your post.

To turn your post into a wiki, click the three dots in the lower right corner. Then click the wrench and select “Make wiki”.




Thank you. Looks like I’m a “member”. I’ll get on that in the morning.


A pretty good question, thanks for your answer