How do I request a species be unobscured?

Is this kind of thing user controlled? I can’t help with Israel but there are a few taxa I’ve come across that have slightly funny auto-obscuring (eg Devils Hole pupfish lives only in one tiny, very very public hole in Nevada but is obscured, or California brown pelicans which are everywhere on the coast but threatened because of habitat loss), so it’d be interesting to know if the obscuring can ever be lifted.

Check recent post about IUCN list issues.

If there’s a species that looks like it doesn’t need to be obscured, head to the taxon page, such as:

Then click Curation>Flag for Curation on the right side of the page. Leave a short note requesting what needs to be done. If you’d like to add a longer comment or links to references, you can create the flag, then use the comments section to expand.


Any Curator can modify the obscuration settings, following the policies in the Curator Guide. (In Canada, a special partnership prohibits curators from directly editing taxon geoprivacy, and curators must follow the more detailed protocol outlined in the Curator Guide.)


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