How does iNat T-shirt sizing work?

Do y’all know how the iNat T-shirt sizes work? The sizing chart talks about chest size and whatnot, but I’m not sure what the inch/cm measurements correspond to. I usually wear a large adult size, but when I measured my chest circumference it was like 34, so that would be a small? It doesn’t make much sense to me, or maybe I just don’t buy a lot of clothes.


The store is on sale right now and I want a shirt so that other iNatters can find me when I’m out in the field :grin:


i think this is the correct interpretation.

if you’ve got a really long torso, prefer the sleeve to hit closer to the elbow (rather than further up the arm), just like wearing more baggy clothing, or are afraid that your shirt will shrink a lot in a clothes dryer, then you could try sizing up.

there were comments in the “iNat hat” thread that some of the women’s shirts from the previous store were a bug snug across the bust, if i remember correctly, but don’t remember any comments saying that shirts from the current store fit unexpectedly.


Wait…there are shirts???

there are many kinds of merch available in the store:

you can also see the earlier discussion about merch here:


Sweet, thanks!!

Update: I ordered a small size t-shirt, and I just picked it up today. It fit tighter on the sleeves than I usually like my t-shirts to fit.

After comparing it to some of my other t-shirts, it seems a size down, so I’ll probably exchange it for a medium. Let me know how the customer service is, though I haven’t heard anything bad so not too worried about that.

I do wonder if there is a way to compare sizes between brands, like with the width/chest size chart. I have a lot of Gildan cotton t-shirts on me, so if I convert their sizes to the same “units” maybe that would’ve helped too.

I’ll be honest here… the medium and large sizes of this color were out of stock by the time I ordered, so I ordered a small knowing that if it was too small for me I could exchange it for free while still getting that discount price :joy:


this is good to know. which style did you get? (can you tell who is the manufacturer of the base t-shirt? i can’t read the label in your photo.) it looks like the different styles (regular, classic, extra soft, etc.) may have different cuts. the classic cut looks a little more relaxed with bigger sleeves than the regular cut. interestingly, the extra soft says that it uses Bella+Canvas shirts, but the Bella+Canvas sizing chart is slightly different than what Threadless shows:

I got the Regular style, Clover color. Funny thing, the Medium and Large sizes are still out of stock:

I suppose it’s because that color appears the closest to the branding color. Not sure if that’ll affect the product exchange.

I didn’t quite notice that with the different styles, actually! It does appear the Classic has larger sleeves. Even says “boxy classic fit” in the product description. The classic style actually doesn’t have that color, but rather a lighter hue of green. Thinking about it a bit more, I doubt anyone would care; as long as it’s green and has the logo any iNatter would quickly recognize it.

…Now that I think about it, you can only ever wear a shirt on one or maybe a few days, unless I want to get several t-shirts (which is a bit too much for me to spend on t-shirts, nevermind the contributions—a college student doesn’t need to spend that much money!). if I wanted to have other iNatters recognize me, maybe I should get the button pin as well, you can keep that on practically all the time.

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Note that besides the sleeves, the t-shirt is completely fine - it fits perfectly. The sleeves are just tighter fitting than your average t-shirt, and the fabric higher up the armpits. Some people might like that tighter fit over than the “boxy classic fit.” I’m just not used to it, particularly with arm mobility it feels like it stretches a bit uncomfortably. Maybe I could get used to it, all things new feel a bit odd.

I suppose if a looser fitting t-shirt is preferred, either order a size up with the regular style or go with the classic.

I usually wear a “large”, but the large-size women’s t-shirt I bought a few years ago didn’t fit me at all. I ordered an XL the next time, and it is a little uncomfortably tight for me. So I’d say their sizing runs pretty small.

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was that through the old merch store or the current one?

Ah, it may have been the old one, not sure when they switched over.

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