How does one upload observations for rescued animals on iNat?

Do we add the location where the individual was rescued from or the location where it was released?


For RG observations (i.e., not “captive”) you should list the location, time, and date the individual was rescued. It’s also beneficial for photo evidence to be as close to that time as possible, especially for organisms that are actively growing (e.g., young animals that may grow substantially during the course of rehabilitation). Also, I’d encourage putting a few details in the notes for the observation so it is readily apparent that observations represent a non-captive individual.


i think, ideally, you would want to make two separate observations – one when it was rescued showing the situation of the animal when rescued, one when it was released showing the situation of the animal when released.

but i guess i would only make an observation at all if the animal would not be threatened by people looking for it.


I agree. If the photos are from close to the time of rescue, provide the location of rescue. If the photos are from close to the time of release, provide the location of release. In between, the animal is “captive” and you can use the location where it is being held.

Do provide some explanation because we identifiers can easily misinterpret a photo of an animal in a box or cage as “captive” when “wild” would be the more useful designation.


IMO a photo of the animal at the rescue center can still be used as evidence even when the date/time/location are for when it was found in the wild. I don’t see that photo as different from, say, a spore print, a pinned insect, a dissection image, or a microscope image of a sample taken from a pond.


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