How to appropriately inform iNaturalist users of a naturalist-specific paid event?

I will be teaching some classes specifically designed for naturalists, some in person, some on line. These are paid events, just enough to cover my time and teaching expenses, and with scholarships available for those who can’t afford to pay. I greatly appreciate that both iNaturalist and the forum are advertising-free, so I have not attempted to recruit participants through any iNaturalist channel. Is there some appropriate way to let iNaturalist users know about a non-free event, please?


Journal entry and tag anyone you think may be interested in attending?

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Thank you. I wasn’t sure even that was appropriate, but if no one objects I will do so.

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This might be something to post on the iNatualist discord (see: If you don’t use discord you can probably reach out to an admin to see if they would post it for you.

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