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I have been unable to observe for a bit but a few days ago by happenstance I was able and uploaded an observation, a bird. Due to limitations I included only one photo, actually a capture from a video and quite terrible: extremely low-grade, blurry and at a distance. Nonetheless the observation reached research grade quickly because the bird identifiers are extraordinary. In the Notes section I included a link to the video itself but found out through the comments that the video was not why the observation was identified and in fact may not have been seen by anyone.

Where might I have put the link to the video so it would better have been noticed? Is there anything additional I might have done?


i think what you did is fine. i do pretty much what you do when i have a video, and as far as i can gather, a lot of power identifiers will simply skip the videos if the photos in the observation are enough evidence for identification. (i presume this is because viewing a video takes more time than viewing a few photos.) every once in a while, folks will watch the videos just for enjoyment though.

in your case, it’s fairly clear what the bird is from just viewing the photo in the observation.

here’s a past thread related to video in observations:


Thanks @pisum! I was not sure if there was another place that those who make a lot of identifications would be more likely to see the link in cases where the video might be necessary to make an identification. I appreciate your reassurance. :)

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I just did. I don’t know the species well enough to have IDed it from the photo, but from the video I could.

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You are well ahead of me. I could not identify it from a photo, a video, or even observing it in the wild. (Oof.)

Cool video! And the photo certainly shows enough details to ID a distinctive bird like this.

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Thanks @dlevitis. It’s a lovely palm to watch whilst at the gate. (At sunset it was full of zanates.)

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