How to change the content licensing for an account in iNat

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@natashag: Hovering over your icon on the upper right side* will open a menu.

Choose account settings. About two-thirds of the way down the Account Settings page you can change your license. There are CC options and No license (all rights reserved copyright).

*[edit] On the desktop interface to iNaturalist.


@natashag - Your copyrights cover three distinct things: sound files, photos, and the actual observation. You can change any/all of them by going to your profile tab and selecting “Edit account settings & profile”. Scroll down to “Licensing” and choose what you’re comfortable with.


Also remember that laws or not, it’s real easy to illegally steal stuff posted on the internet by just taking a screen shot.


Thanks! :) Yes - I’ve had stuff stolen before. I just find that act offensive, I’ll just try to upload only identifiable but not good photos

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Just a quick note to say that legally, any content accessed under a CC license is so available in perpetuity.

There is little point changing observations or images published as CC to a closed license. Unless you significantly modify these, the originals will always be available under a CC license.

There was a bit of discussion on this is a separate thread on licensing:

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