How to create a poll on the iNat forum?

Hi @alexis_orion, I’m not seeing where there’s an option to make a poll in the forum online. Can you post a link? That screenshot doesn’t look like the layout I see online, is that in the app by chance (if so it must be iPhone because my android doesn’t have that)? Thanks!

Start a reply or new topic and you should see the button along the top of your edit frame.

  • I see it now
  • Still can’t find it

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Users at trust level = Basic aren’t able to create polls:


Once you attain trust level = Member, you can create polls. @jpage_cwf looks like you recently attained trust level = Member (today), so give it another go?

These trust levels only apply to the forum, not your iNaturalist account. More info on them here:


Ahh, ok thanks. I guess it goes to show I should be more active on the forum :-). Something I’ve been meaning to do.