How to deal with multiple unusable photos?

I’ve come across someone who has published a few hundred photos of more than mediocre quality, for which it’s impossible to go any further than the Order (often it’s not even possible), and who publishes numerous photos of the same individual (or thing) in different observations.

I made a polite recommendation in a comment on his latest sightings, but I was wondering how I could react if I never got a reply.

I’m not posting the link because I don’t think it’s right to publicly denounce, but here’s an example photo:

If they’re still doing it and are unresponsive to feedback, email and we can take a look. I suppose neither are technically violations, but depending on scale could be worth an intervention.

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Thank you Tiwane,
In addition, I have taken the liberty of sending a friendly personal message via the iNaturalist messaging system. I hope this does not contravene the platform rules.
If I don’t get a reply, I’ll keep your suggestion in mind.

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