How to delete or correct computer misidentified species

I’m new to the app but i have been finding a lot of mistaken identifications and do not know how to correct or delete the entries! I don’t want to teach the app incorrect information!

I’m also new to this forum type so I’m sorry if i made any mistakes :)


the best way to deal with this is to suggest the ID that you believe to be correct. if it’s research grade with multiple agreements I’d tag the user that most often ID’s that taxon or an expert in that area to help you out (though if you’re on mobile that may be difficult information to find on the app). additionally, if you come across a user that you believe is abusing the creation of ID’s in order to skew observations (like ID’ing a toad as an orchid), then you can flag their ID as spam. hope that helps!

edit: never mind, don’t flag as spam


The only person (outside of the site employees) who can delete anything, including identifications is the person who created it.


Please don’t flag things as spam that aren’t actually spam according to iNat’s definition, in the Help section:
"Our definition of spam is anything that is clearly intended to make money , which could be links to spurious sites, or by trying to manipulate search engine indexing through lots of links to weird places. For some reason we get a lot of stuff attempting to sell watches (go figure). Here are some things that are not spam:

  • photos that violate copyright (there’s a separate flag for that)
  • offensive or inappropriate content created by someone who’s clearly a legitimate iNat user
  • anything that you arbitrarily dislike

If you have any hesitation, please contact a site curator or site admin, or"


oh whoops. I must have mixed something up that I read somewhere on the forum. I’ve not flagged an instance of this before.

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I suggest you check out this thread:


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