How to determine the altitude of an observation?

Is there an easy way to determine the altitude of an observation, presumably based on its GPS coordinates? For the occasional identification, I’ve been manually plotting the coordinates on a topo map (outside of the web app). For numerous identifications, that’s just not practical. It would great if the altitude were hiding somewhere in the web app’s user interface but any tip regarding altitudes will be appreciated.

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If you turn on terrain in the map drop-down, at the right zoom levels, there are contour lines with the elevation.



I use runmeter, an app that tracks walks, runs, etc and reports distance, time, calories. Free APP. But it tells you the altitude of where you are when you are there.

Another alternative, I found a specimen at MacGaffey Lake, and googled “altitude at MacGaffey Lake”. Of course, there are minor changes as I circumnavigate the lake, but these may be irrelevant.


You can use this
I have used this in the past, just pass the latitude and longitude in the URL and you get the altitude in response. Note there are limits on number of free request per day.

There used to be public api by open-elevation website, but the public api is no longer available.


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