How to disable the location of collected species?


I hope that I am posting this on the correct page as it is not a request specifically regarding the forum- but not sure how where else I ask this…

I would like to see if the exact location of observations can be turned off for some species when that species is deemed to be ‘collectable’. For example, in SE Australia where I live, people have been innocently identifying orchids that I know will be removed/stolen from their location once their location is widely enough advertised’. These plants are attractive to collectors who WILL use the iNaturalist app to see where they need to go next.



Hi Chris, welcome to the iNat Forum! The #general category is a good place for questions about iNaturalist. The #forum-feedback category is specifically related to feedback about the forum itself (meta!).

As far as how to disable the location of collected / poached species, any user can adjust their own geoprivacy on their observations, to display as “obscured” (showing a random point in the general region) or “private” (doesn’t even show what country it was found in).

In addition, for species that are at risk of harm due to the public’s knowledge of its locations on iNat, curators can edit the automatic “taxon geoprivacy” for each species. If you see a species that really should be obscured, but isn’t currently, please go to the page for the species on the website, then click “Curation” > “Flag for curation” on the right side of the page.

More about how geoprivacy works and iNat’s policies here:


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