How to download iNat data?

For my project i am looking to create a map with occurrence data drawn by iNaturalist or the GBIF. But i can’t seem to be able to download the relevant R packages needed in order to download the data. For example im trying to download the rinat package but it keeps saying not available (for R version 3.6.1), i currently have the latest version 3.6.1.

Would anybody be able to help me drawing the occurence data? and or is there an easy way of downloading this data? I need the geolocation so i can create a map.

Thank you

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You can try looking at Example 4 from the range map tutorial.


you don’t necessarily have to download occurrence-level data to create a map. both iNaturalist and GBIF offer occurence raster tiles that you can use to make a map ( and, respectively). if you don’t know how to work with XYZ tiles, there are lots of tutorials available if you do an internet search, or you can look at

If you must download occurence-level data, and you must do it via R, you should know that rinat is relatively old and hits the deprecated iNaturalist API. it would be best if you’re downloading tons of data to get it via CSV like jwidness suggests (and then parse the CSV from R), or else you could hit the iNat API (!/Observations/get_observations) or GBIF API ( directly from R. if you’re not sure how to do that, then you could read up on that:

… or else hanly wrote a package that hits the current iNat API:


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