How to find "Endemic" species?

I would like to find “endemic” species, in the iNat sense of the word. I mean, is there a way to do this:

  1. draw a rectangle on the map or select a location
  2. find all species for which all observations have been made in that location.

Filtering species by percentage of observations in the area compared to the world would be another possibility.

Is this possible?


See this post:

The relevant URL addition is in the “notes” portion:

  • &native=true finds taxa set to native or endemic.

This filter does work fine, but “native” to where?
As I understand @vallespir he (and myself as well) would be interested in species “endemic” to a specific area he wants to define.
In my case I would love to have a list of endemics for the [Greyton/Genadendal] area I have defined. That would be species that have only been found in the Greyton Genadendal area.
How would we go about that?


If this is possible it would probably only be through API.

Do you mean only found on iNat or only found in nature? The system has no way of knowing the latter without you making a place/checklist and marking all such species as endemic.

“Only found on iNat” would be very helpful already.

Maybe possible with API, but not with Explore search filters.

It sounds like you want to know how many of the 1935 species recorded on iNat in Greyton Genadendal have not been recorded on iNat at any other location.

If so, you can use the tool the pisum built. Go to to see all the species in your place with both the number of observations in your place, and the global total.

Any species where the global total and the local total are the same has only been seen in your place. So if you export the data, you can use something like Excel or Google Sheets to find the difference between the global and local totals. Here, you can see there are 9 species seen only in your place. There are also another 16 that have been seen at your place and only one other place.


This is exactly what I wanted! Thanks!


Well, now, this is something. As I expected, Pitt County North Carolina has no “endemic” observations, unless you count my dandelions – which I don’t, because I consider them tentative until someone else has a go at them.

But there was a surprise: the closest is this whirligig beetle – one observation in Pitt County, two on iNat in total: Gyrinus analis

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You have to read through the full post and the Part 2 as well.

With manual URL modifiers you can delimit a specific place, and append the ‘native/endemic’ filter to that.


Thanks jwidness, That’s an amazing tool :-) exactly what I was dreaming to have!


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