How to find when someone tagged me?

Hi probably silly question and easy solution, but well, here we go:

A few days ago I saw in my dashboard that someone had tagged me in a post, but I did not have the time to go into that. In wanted to have a look into that now, but I am not sure how I can find that post easily without having to go through the whole dashboard with many dozens of new entries. I am sure, there is an easy way, but please could someone point me to it? Thanks!



If it was in a comment (as opposed to in a description or in the body of an ID, etc.), then you can find it by doing a search in comments:✓&q=%40ajott&commit=Search

If it wasn’t in a comment, finding it is more difficult. You can use your browser’s “find in page” function, but you may have to go through many pages of the dashboard. I also have my notifications emailed to me daily and auto-archived so that I can use my email search to look for particular notifications, but if you don’t have that already set up, it won’t work retroactively.


:grimacing: going to start using exclusively stand-alone comments now, thanks for this tip!


Actually, I just remembered you can search on the description pretty easily too. Here’s a search to find observations where tiwane’s username appears in the description (just as an example):

It’s maybe not super helpful since I don’t think people often use the description to mention other usernames (compared to in a comment or ID body).


Thanks, found the comment in question with that. But I am surprised that there is no easily comprehensible way to find when somebody mentioned you. Especially as the side is already good enough to register as soon somebody mentions you on the dashboard.

But the search function will do for now… a good comment with the body of ID thought. Will keep that in mind

Hopefully the notifications revamp will improve the ways we can interact with mentions, for example, maybe we’ll get a keep unread feature. There’s also a well-supported feature request for better identification search, including search of ID body comments.


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