How to flag sightings/checklists that haven't followed taxonomic changes?

The specific case: Phoebis rorata has been split from Phoebis argante. iNaturalist includes P. rorata as a full species, so it appears to go along with this treatment. But iNaturalist has quite a number of sightings of P. “argante” from Hispaniola, all of which should really be moved to P. rorata.

So: how should I handle this? Should I put a flag on P. argante and ask for a curator to do something? Or do I need to suggest a changed identification for each one of those sightings? Similarly, how do I get the checklists updated for Dominican Republic and Haiti (and any subregions)?

I haven’t read the paper, but yes, this is the typical way to proceed.

You can mention this in the flag. Checklists can be edited by searching for the place, clicking “About”, then clicking “View check list page” in the lower left.


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