How to handle a picture of hail?

An observer posted a picture of hail. It’s in Unknown. What is the best way to handle non-life observations?

Downvote evidence of organism in DQA


Though those do not look like hail to me… Hail doesn’t get weird dents like that? I don’t know what it is though.


they give me reptile egg vibes, but perhaps not given there are so many


I thought more fungi, given number and variations in forms and color, and that they seem out in the open.

Doesn’t look like anything alive for me.

I commented this on the original observation as well, but the shape and wrinkles look exactly like frozen peas although I can’t explain the entirely white color.

Also I don’t think these are hailstones


I know this is not hail, but if it was, there would be two correct courses of action. Either:

A) Leave the ID at Unknown and vote “No evidence of organism” in the DQA

B) ID as Human (and do not vote in the DQA)

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Looks like a package of frozen peas to me.


Correct ways to handle an observation of hail have been explored above, and it’s been determined that this observation is not of hail. Since the forum isn’t for discussing IDs of individual observations, I’m closing the topic. Please continue conversation about the ID in the comments of the (really interesting!) observation itself!