How to identify cultivated plant?

Hello! I am very new to iNaturalist and to the forums. I have some potted plants that I would like to identify. Is there a way to classify cultivated/captive plants as “needs ID”?

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No, but that doesn’t mean casal sightings will not be reviewed, there’re ppl doing right that - iding potted plants.


Go ahead and post them here. They’ll probably get identified sooner or later. However, also reach out to other sources. The Plant Idents page on Facebook does a good job of identifying cultivated plants. If you’re in the U.S., contact your county extension service to ask for contacts with local Master Gardeners.


Feel free to link the observations here as well so that people (such as myself) don’t have to go around trying to find them

The OP’s iNat profile is linked from their forum profile (and the “card”), so you can also find their observations that way.



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