How to learn more about the iNaturalist site itself (also, 'hidden features' and useful links that exist but don't appear on the dashboard)

None of the information in this thread is helpful if you’re using the mobile app, and the web site doesn’t behave at all well on a phone.


True, the iPhone app is stand-alone, very bare bones. It does not even link to, which is rather odd.

But, I keep forgetting to expect that the iNat website should be so different when accessed using an IPad or iPhone.

I’m not familiar with Apple devices but I was able to access the heat map (I didn’t try the others) from my Android phone using Chrome browser. I found that I couldn’t change from satellite view to map view unless I clicked the desktop site box in the menu.

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Not sure as I haven’t really looked at those before.

This makes sense.

Maybe blind IDs have to do with this experiment?

Well, that was interesting. I can click to open an Observation in Map view pretty easily. It is much harder to do in Satellite view, even with many many taps. But, it did work better in some areas of the Satelite view than in others for some reason.

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I wasn’t trying to click to open an observation. I was just enjoying what my obs looked like as a heat map. When I opened it, it came up in satellite view which made it hard see the green parts of the heat map. That’s why I wanted to change it.

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The heat map does look really great! Still, your tip (even if unintended) helped me. :slight_smile:

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Are there other parameters that I can use with: ?

Can’t find any reference to this in either new or old APIs.

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