Journal feature — how/why to use?

Im new here. hope to be helped. Can someone point me to information on the site that explains the journal posts feature, why I would use it, what is appropriate for content, etc. ? I’ve been hunting around “help” and “getting started” and don’t see them mentioned. Thanks in advance.

Hello! Welcome. I’m pretty new here too. I don’t know the answer to your question, but I am curious to see what others say.

So long as it is not spam, or any other violation of site rules, you can use it for pretty much anything you want. Some people use it to document their outings, others use it to post ID tips etc.

Keep it clean, and related to nature, otherwise use as you wish.


It is sort of a mini blog feature for users; You can create posts and link observations to them. The posts are sorted with the most recent on top and are grouped by months for the older ones. Other users can add comments or indicate their appreciation by liking posts. A similar template is used for the official blog for the site itself…

As @cmcheatle mentioned, people have used them to post identification articles, or field trip notes, or just descriptions of things that they think are interesting.

As you are both looking for more info about using the site you might find this posting useful,
it includes a way of searching for recent journal posts from any user. :)

Happy reading and welcome to iNaturalist!


Just for easy reference, here’s the link for all journal posts to browse and see what others post.


For some examples, you could look at see what I have put in my Journal posts:

You can click on any individual listing from this page to get to the journal page: in addition to the text, most of the entries have a set of images, and each images is automatically linked to the relevant observation page.


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