How to revert to 'Needs ID' from 'Research Grade?

I have an observation, which is now a “Research Grade” observation,, Leucocoprinus cepistipes.

The DNA barcode seems to support Leucoagaricus sp. rather than Leucocoprinus sp.
My question is, "How does one revert to ‘Needs ID’ in order to continue confirmation?


you can do this by checking ‘yes’ in this box at the bottom of the observation (on the website, not sure if you can on the phone).

I did so for this observation.

Once you are confident in the ID make sure to vote ‘no’ so it can go to research grade.

edit: i guess others aren’t using this check box in this way so maybe this post is wrong. I don’t know.


No wonder it went from “Research Grade” to “Needs ID” without my intervention.


The normal way would be to add a Leucoagaricus ID, which would automatically cause your earlier Leucocoprinus ID to be withdrawn. Observations are “Needs ID” while less than 2/3rds of the identifiers agree on a species-level ID.

The “can the Comunity Taxon still be confirmed or improved” checkbox is a way to override the normal process, and doesn’t seem necessary in this case.


i don’t think i would call that the normal way. If you add a disagreeing ID, you are specifically disagreeing that the species level ID is correct, which i don’t think was intended here.

I know the ‘no’ box is used to override the normal process sometimes and this may be a bit confusing but the ‘yes’ box is indeed intended to be used as i described. It’s meant as asking for more people to review the observation.


At the very least, withdrawing a species-level ID you are no longer confident about should be your first action. Adding another ID just happens to be the easiest way to do that. Though I should perhaps have also suggested going back to genus or to the common ancestor as alternatives to going straight to Leucoagaricus. It depends on what ralphjbegley now believes about the identity of the observation.

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I think it’s important to avoid overuse of the “Community Taxon cannot be improved” button. The best thing to do for this observation would be to withdraw your ID of Leucocoprinus cepistipes, and add one of Leucoagaricus if you think that is more likely. Otherwise, add an ID of the common ancestor or just leave it with a single identification.


I would suggest if you are going to check Yes on Can the Community Taxon be improved, put a note explaining, otherwise the next ID’er who comes along will check No because most of the time that I have seen Yes checked it was because the uploader didn’t understand it’s purpose.
I have only checked yes once and it was because I was pretty sure I made the correct ID, but I wanted a 2nd opinion (not just the uploader agreeing with me), I did leave a note explaining that.

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