How to search for description?

I took an observation in a cave an added the name of the cave (“Klosterwappenhöhle”) to the description, but it does ot display on the search result page.

How can i search for it?

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If you go to the Observations Explore page and open the Filters menu, you can enter the name in the “Description / Tags” field

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Thank you @pleary, it is working for the exact search term “Klosterwappenhöhle” but a search for “Höhle” only does not find it.

It finds observations with “hohl” (“hollow” in german, has nothing to do with caves) or “höhle” (“cave” in german) in the description or location instead.

In my opinion it should be found as well, because the word “Höhle” is part of the word “Klosterwappenhöhle”.

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