How to see a long list of comments & IDs

When I log onto iNat, I am notified of new activity on observations I’ve made, and that I’ve added IDs to, with the red speech bubble in the upper right corner. Clicking on the bubble shows me a list of recent activity, which is sometimes quite long.

When I click on one of the new comments, I go to the associated observation. At this point, the speech bubble turns back to black, and I can only see the most recent 10 comments/IDs by clicking on this. If there have been more than 10 new comments since I last logged in, the only way to find them is to click on the “view your dashboard” link.

But my dashboard shows all the taxa and places I follow. If I haven’t been on for a few days or more, I may have to scroll through many pages to find the comments and IDs I want to see. This is very tedious.

How do I find a list of comments/IDs as are (temporarily) presented in the red ‘speech bubble’? Either by keeping the bubble red until I’ve clicked on all of them, or maybe by filtering my dashboard to only show comments and IDs, and not followed taxa or places?


two things that I do:

  1. If the number of notifications is more than 10, and less than say 50 usually, I will just right click each and open them all in new tabs so I don’t lose them
  2. If I open iNat and see I have a large number, eg 100+ (or whatever you consider to be an unwieldy number), I use @pisum’s tool: There are a few odd cases which don’t get captured by that tool (at least how I use it, I am probably missing something), so once you’ve looked at everything via that tool, just check in again on your homepage for any remaining notifications

From your description, can I assume you’re logging into iNat on a smart phone (iOS or Android)?

I have the same issue on my laptop and my phone