Hunting lists for naturalist

A-B = C
I’m talking about the plant kingdom
The following C lists could be of known interest:
A - printed work, the flora of the region, or rather, a list of species;
B - a list of species of the same region, the list presented here on @inat
C - a list of species that, theoretically, should be found in the region, but whose photos are
not yet available on @inat

This is real hunting excitement!
What? How no photos? Will now be!)

the ability to quickly get such updated lists is important;
the researcher takes the regional list he needs, for example, in .xls format, and “uploads” it
to @inat;
no loading occurs, but a “comparison” of the loaded list with the existing one takes place;
as a result gets a “difference”, “unloaded” list; which can be stored in your account;

I apologize in advance if this topic has been discussed for a long time.


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